Pex Lives: A Doctor Who Podcast (city of the dead)
James Murphy and Kevin Burns are both Certified Minor Internet Personalities with a shared love of Doctor Who. Explore the history of the show with them, as they watch classic serials and chat with each other each month about them. Each month, the pair will pick a classic serial to watch and then break down, exploring the themes, characters and production of the given story. There will also be jokes. New episodes on the first Sunday of every month.
City of the Dead 05: Dr. Who & the Daleks

Holly & James talk to Phil Sandifer, Dalek Emperor of Eruditorum Press, about the adventures of a certain Doctor named Who.

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City of the Dead - 04: Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

We still exist! And now we're at the watchable, good part of Amicus. James and Holly return triumphantly to talk about Dr. Terror's House of Horrors.

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City of the Dead - 03: Just For Fun

Holly and James talk about the 1963's Just For Fun. They don't like it, but this is some good listening. 

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City of the Dead - 02: It's Trad, Dad

Holly and James talk about the teen musical comedy from the nascent Amicus productions. 

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City of the Dead - 02a: Helen Shapiro Interview

Holly and James chat to legendary superstar, the lovely Helen Shapiro about her role in the early Amicus film It's Trad, Dad, Richard Lester, the music scene of then and now, and her faith in Jesus.

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Here's the exciting pilot episode for a brand new podcast which will cover every film released by Amicus Studios, starting here with proto Amicus film, Horror Hotel aka City of the Dead. 


This podcast was recorded before Christopher Lee died. 



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